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Electric Vehicles & 3 More Hot Automotive Industry Trends

With rapidly advancing technology all around us, it's no surprise that the automotive industry is going through some significant changes. Whether it is promoting green technology or putting forth better fuel efficiency, the automotive industry is really evolving, with new trends and developments popping up all the time. If you’re a vehicle owner, it's always essential to stay up-to-date on the latest news and changes in the industry. The following are the biggest trends in the automobile industry. Enjoy!

1) Electrification

The push for electrification in cars has grown steadily over the past few years. Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. While they aren't quite mainstream yet, it won't be long before entirely electric cars become just as common on the roadways as their gas-guzzling counterparts.

Electrification is also being seen elsewhere around the industry. Many companies are focusing more on hybrid models to help improve fuel efficiency without sacrificing the power or performance levels that drivers demand from their vehicles.

2) Autonomous Vehicle

Autonomous vehicles seemed like a distant reality a few years ago; however, today, in 2022, they are becoming more and more common. Automakers, technology companies, and startups alike are all vying for a piece of the self-driving market, which is projected to be worth trillions in the coming years.

As autonomous vehicles become a common sight on our roadways, it's essential to consider how they will impact both the automotive industry and society. Many questions still need to be answered, such as who will be held liable in an accident, what happens to the jobs of taxi drivers and truckers, and how this new technology will change our lives. Maybe 2022 has answers to all the questions above.

3) What's in Store for Traditional Car Ownership?

Disrupting technology has already put a question mark over the benefits of car ownership for many working Americans. Startups like Uber, GoDrive, and ZipCar offer the convenience of delivering a car when you need it and then picking it up when you're finished. Ridesharing is becoming a more popular way to get around the city, and with autonomous cars, this trend will only continue to grow.

It's not just startups that are shaking things up in the automotive industry - traditional car companies are also feeling the heat. To stay competitive, they've been investing heavily in new technology such as electric vehicles and self-driving cars. What does this mean for people who want to own a car? What does the future have in store for us? We'll have to wait to find out.

4) Artificial Intelligence

Computers are getting smarter, and car manufacturers want to make sure they're on the cutting edge of this new technology. With artificial intelligence playing a significant role in self-driving cars, they need to stay ahead of the curve.

Eventually, people will use their smartphones as an extension of the car itself, making driving safer than ever before. These technologies have huge implications that might not become apparent until years down the road, so stay tuned!

Regardless of what changes and trends the automobile industry goes through, you can count on Glendale Nissan, serving Atwater, CA, to deliver the best in products, servicing, and automobile advice. Schedule a service with our team now!


Electric Vehicles & 3 More Hot Automotive Industry Trends - Glendale Nissan

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