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Glendale Nissan is an auto dealer with an outstanding reputation, that local car-buyers in Glendale seek out for a test drive when they are considering a new or used Nissan vehicle. Despite the fact that Glendale Nissan is in the local buyer’s own backyard, car buyers from Glendale seeking the best Nissan deals are making the short drive to our Glendale location due to the following reasons:

  • Superior, intimate level of customer service
  • Larger new vehicle inventory
  • Larger used Nissan inventory
  • Better financing options
  • Best deals on cars, trucks, SUVs and the best deal on your Nissan electric car
  • Better trade-in value
  • Sterling customer reviews
  • Better value across the board
When Glendale Nissan auto buyers come to our Glendale location, one of the first things they begin to experience is better value out of the gate. Our Glendale Nissan team takes a different approach to auto sales: we don’t try to learn what vehicle you are interested in, and then pitch a sales line. Instead, we sit down with every customer to learn all about your unique profile as a driver; we understand how you want to use your next new or used vehicle, your family size, how often you commute, if you need a vehicle for work and play, and many other things about you as an individual so that we can pair you with some vehicle recommendations that will add greater value to your lifestyle. This alone is one of the top reasons why Glendale Nissan customers drive a few extra miles down the freeway to our Glendale location, as we make sure that your purchase of a Nissan best accommodates your lifestyle and helps you make the most of your investment so that you get the overall best value. 

Glendale Nissan Customers Come to the Glendale Dealership Because We Have the Largest Investor

In order to offer the best customer service, it is critical to have every vehicle in stock so that people can test-drive a wide range of cars and make more of a first-hand educated driving experience. Being able to test drive a wider range of Nissan vehicles also enables customers to learn more about their own needs and how these play into the purchase decision. Glendale Nissan customers want to test drive multiple vehicles, and this is why we have the following in stock:

  • Nissan Sentra - Many of our Glendale Nissan shoppers love the Sentra for their “family car”, and for a good commuter. The cabin is well-constructed and offers ample room, and Apple CarPlay comes as a standard feature. There are also advanced safety features, the main point families care about the most, such as blind-spot monitoring, and it offers good fuel economy. The car also has a sporty look, and is a fun car to drive. 
  • Nissan Altima - For those who want a step up from the Sentra, the Nissan Altima is a popular option. With more standard safety features, impressive fuel economy, two engine options, SV trim and above, and ProPILOT Assist with eight-way power driver’s seat and Nissan Door to Door navigation, the Altima is a top seller amongst our Glendale Nissan customers who are looking for a good sedan that comes with extra bells and whistles. 
  • Nissan Versa - When our Glendale Nissan customers make the trek over to our Glendale location, most seeking an economical commuter vehicle without sacrificing on features will typically test drive the Versa, and instantly fall in love. With automatic climate control, a remote start, hands-free entry, and a backseat that easily fits two adults with ample room, the comfort level of the Nissan Versa is exceptional. The trunk can even accommodate six carry-on suitcases, and when you fold down the back seat you can carry up to 17. 
  • Nissan Maxima - The Maxima is known for having a very thoughtful cabin design, and this reason alone is why so many of our Glendale Nissan customers love this car. The soft-touch materials, plethora of high-end features and easy-to-use controls make it a favorite vehicle. In addition, the Nissan Maxima is at the top of the Best In Class list for front legroom. The Maxima is an ideal family sedan, or a great car for commuting, and its stylish design has gone through some striking updates over the years. 
  • Nissan Leaf - Known as an affordable EV with comfortable seating, and fast-charging, the Leaf is regarded as a great vehicle for first-time EV buyers. 
  • Nissan Z - When it comes to performance and a sporty style, our Glendale Nissan customers gravitate to the Z. While staying true to its performance roots, the 2024 Z has a powerful 6-cylinder, a Front Midship, and a rear-wheel drive design in which the engine is placed further towards the back within the chassis for better balance. 
  • Nissan Kicks - The Kicks is a great crossover with one key safety feature that makes it stand out: standard automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection. The Kicks also has standard lane-departure warning, and comes with optional cruise control. This is a favorite vehicle for newly licensed drivers, and those who place an emphasis on safety. 
  • Nissan Rogue - The Rogue is the best-selling Nissan vehicle in the country due in part to the combination of its roomy interior, highly attractive styling, upscale amenities and ideal cargo area that many rival vehicles lack. The Rogue is also known for being one of the most comfortable vehicles on the market with some of the most comfortable seats ever engineered, and for having a smooth ride quality. The Nissan Rogue also has great modern tech features and a stylish, modern interior. 
  • Nissan Murano - This two-row SUV is known for its nimble, responsive handling and our Glendale Nissan customers report that it is a fun test drive. The Murano has an optional stability control known as VSC, so be sure to test drive both versions. Paired with a CVT, the Murano’s powerful 3.5 V6 offers strong performance with a good fuel economy of 19 mpg. 
  • Nissan Pathfinder - If you are looking for a roomy family SUV, the Pathfinder is an ideal option. Its power comes from a 3.5 liter V6 through a CVT, and it can tow 5,000 pounds. In addition, the second row can move forward even with a child seat installed, which gives easy access to the third row. Standard safety features include traction control, stability control, antilock brakes and a back-up sensor. For its class, the Pathfinder also gets good fuel economy. 
  • Nissan Armada - The Armada is a top choice for drivers who seek a great on-road and off-road experience. With available 4x4 power, the Armada can tackle tough terrain and can tow up to 8,500 pounds. Its V8 engine offers lots of power, making it a great vehicle for work, play, and for family use. 
  • Nissan Ariya - This electric crossover comes with a plethora of features to offer a safe and enjoyable drive. With its sharp lines and satin chrome trim the aesthetics are amazing, and with ambient cabin lighting, Apple CarPlay, two 12.3 inch screens, keyless entry, and a heat-pump heating system, the Ariya is designed for comfort and ease. With safety features like rain sensing wipers, blind spot monitoring, cyclist detection rear and front cameras, and rear cross traffic alert, the Ariya is your safe bet. 

Our Glendale Nissan customers come to our Glendale location because we have a large selection of new and used vehicles that include the above models. When you come to Glendale Nissan, you will experience a level of customer service that can’t be rivaled. Our team of Nissan experts take great pride in helping our Glendale customers find the best Nissan that will improve their quality of life, at the best possible deal. 

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Glendale Nissan Serving Glendale

Glendale Nissan customers, who stay within their local region, are used to the competitive car culture where multiple dealerships dominate the center of town. However, when surveying Nissan customers who came to our Glendale location, we discovered that the customer service, communication, and attentiveness to the buyer’s real needs were nonexistent. In addition, our team discovered that the inventory at many Glendale car dealerships are not always updated. This is where Glendale Nissan has won the hearts of Glendale Nissan buyers: we understand drivers, and we are dedicated to ensure that every Nissan buyer receives the ultimate value when purchasing their next new or used vehicle. It is with great pride that we have been serving our Glendale Nissan customers, since day one, and every single team member is motivated with passion for this special region in The Valley. 

Our dealership recognizes Glendale as a community known for families and upcoming young professionals. In fact, family and Glendale go hand-in-hand, and our Glendale dealership is passionate about helping families by pairing them with great car value.

Nissan, as a car brand, is ideal for Glendale locals, as our inventory provides everything from economic computers to family SUVs, and sporty cars for young professionals, to vehicles with tons of towing power for the toughest jobs. 

Glendale Nissan Customers: Come Visit Our Glendale Dealership for the Best Deals and Service

Over the last few years, our Glendale customer base has more than tripled, as car buyers are becoming more aware of our legendary customer service, and our ability to give customers the best deals on a new or used Nissan. At Glendale Nissan, we create life-long relationships by getting to know each and every buyer through our dedication to pair them with the right vehicle that meets their needs as a household, as well as individual needs. We understand that you live in Glendale, however, once you give us a visit you will quickly learn why making that short drive to our Glendale location was your best move. Come experience the white glove treatment at Glendale Nissan, and let us help you find the right vehicle that makes the most sense for your family.

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