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6 Winter Car Care Tips To Keep Your Car Running Smoothly

People in snowy regions feel right at home with their coffee & windshield ice scrapers. But they can't fathom how California's Mediterranean-like climate can also warrant drastic winter changes and car problems. Winter car care is serious in any climate zone, and Somerset is no different.

True, one should be regular with car maintenance, but winters take up the most concern to keep our cars running. While it barely snows in Somerset, it's cold enough to stress your battery, pump, & oil filters. Let's get on with some essential winter car care tips.

1. Sweater Weather for Your Car

If you're an avid knitter, you can take on the challenge using all-natural wool. But for this fall, get a scratch-free car cover. Have your car's exterior detailed professionally with a winter-wax coat, then off to the garage to keep away from the wind & cold. Don't wash your car outdoors, especially with pressurized hot water!

2. Break Out the Snow Tires

It doesn't snow much in Somerset to warrant snow chains but the least you ought to do is invest in a quality set of tires. Snow tires not only afford a good grip on black-iced roads, but they also get you through the slippery mulch on the country roads. All-weather tires work well, but have them checked for damage before taking to the road.

3. Change 'Everything' Wiper

Switch out your windshield wiper fluid for a winter-grade fluid that won't freeze. Also, consider changing your wipers this season to avoid scratched windshields. Schedule the following windshield wiper change in late spring.

4. Keep the Tanks At Least Half-Full

There is much risk of water vapor condensing in the fuel tank and causing combustion issues later on in winters. A half-full tank or fully-topped up induces enough vapor pressure to deter condensation throughout the combustion system. Not only will your car start easy, but it won't be prone to splutter & stall on marching.

5. Change the Oil & Check the Levels

Engine oil is practically maple syrup at winter temperatures and can go to molasses consistency at an even lower value. This strains the oil pump's battery responsible for filtering the oil as it circulates the engine. Not changing the engine oil to a less-viscous winter grade will give you a blown O-ring & a torn filter for Christmas. Change your oil grade to 5W30 or consult your owner's manual for correct oil levels and winter grades.

6. Test Your Car Battery

A wet cell battery and winter don't get along. At 32F, the battery barely generates enough charge to start the car, so it's a good ol' jump start. If it's frozen, it's irrevocably dead. We suggest you either get a battery blanket from a local auto shop or invest in a dry cell battery as they will fare better in Somerset’s climate.

It's never too late in December to get your car a round of winter service in the oil & tire department. At Glendale Nissan, serving Somerset, CA, our service center is fully equipped to get your brakes & tires geared for the winter slips.

You can shop for winter tires here. Do check our specials & be sure to book service with us!


6 Winter Car Care Tips To Keep Your Car Running Smoothly - Glendale Nissan

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