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Why Your Next Family Car Should Be the 2023 Nissan Altima

American motorists know the Nissan Altima as a standard family sedan, with reliable performance and a long list of safety features. This has been true since the 1993 model year when the car was first introduced. This continues to be true in 2023, as Nissan introduces its next-generation Altima.

Here's why you should buy this car for your family:

Looking Better Than Ever

In terms of style, the new Altima really takes the cake. It boasts a more aggressive look than any of its predecessors. Its sleek curving lines and a grille will put you in mind of an eagle. This is due to Nissan's industry-leading aerodynamic design, which makes it easily one of the most attractive vehicles on the road today.

The 2023 Altima comes with a front fascia and side sills that are designed to help reduce wind drag and improve the car's overall aerodynamics. The facia has Nissan's new logo, LED lights, and a front splitter. In addition, the Altima's color-contrasting roofline and trunk spoiler create a truly eye-catching look.

2023 Nissan Altima's Good Performance and Efficiency

The 2023 Altima's powertrain is also one of the most efficient and effective on the market today. It comes with a 2.5L I4 engine plus an optional 2.0L four-cylinder turbocharged engine. While this is nothing new, Nissan Altima comes with something other vehicles in its class do not have - all-wheel drive.

In addition, the car comes with a continuously variable automatic transmission that is designed to provide smoother acceleration and improved fuel economy. Nissan has made sure the Altima competes with other industry leaders by developing a smarter engine and transmission system.

Compared to the Subaru Impreza, with an EPA estimation of 28 mpg city and 36 mpg highway, the Nissan Altima comes with an EPA estimation of 26 mpg city and 36 mpg highway. This means that Nissan Altima will serve you equally as good as the Subaru Impreza in terms of fuel efficiency.

Safety for Your Family is Guaranteed

The car also comes equipped with a range of hi-tech safety features. These includes lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, and forward collision warning with autobrake. You and your family will always be able to travel without worrying about your safety with the 2023 Nissan Altima.

Comfortable for the Whole Family

One of the key reasons why the Nissan Altima is a great choice for your next family car is that it's extremely comfortable. With plenty of space in the cabin and trunk (15.4 cubic feet), as well as features like heated seats and dual-zone climate control, your whole family will feel at home while driving this reliable vehicle. Whether you're taking long road trips or just running errands around town, the Altima is sure to keep everyone happy and safe.

Make the 2023 Altima Your Family Car

So if you're looking for a car that offers safety, comfort, and reliability for your family, look no further than the 2023 Nissan Altima. With its impressive features, sleek design, and affordable price tag, you can't go wrong with this versatile vehicle. Ready to talk about your next family car? Reach out to Glendale Nissan for assistance.


Why Your Next Family Car Should Be the 2023 Nissan Altima - Glendale Nissan

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