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9 Tips To Keep Your Car’s Battery Healthy

Car batteries last anywhere between two to six years depending on quality and usage. This is a simple fact of life that all car owners must know and accept. But, it doesn’t mean you have to replace them every two years! If you want your battery to perform optimally, you have to maintain it properly.

Let’s take a look at some simple tips that can help you keep your car battery healthy for many years:

1. Keep It Clean

Keep your battery clean. The negative terminal is usually covered in black dirt build-up that may cause corrosion which will discharge your battery and reduce its life. Wash the terminal with a mixture of baking soda and water to clean it, rinse well, and dry before re-connecting it. If there's corrosion, you might want to use a wire brush to scrub the terminal clean.

2. Fasten the Battery Tightly

Make sure the battery is fastened tightly against the hold-downs. If it rattles, it might short circuit which will reduce its life and can even result in a car fire. A pothole or bump can loosen the hold-downs and cause a loosened battery to discharge and ruin. Use nylon washers to insulate metal parts from one another, so they don't cause electricity to flow through unintended areas of your car.

3. Maintain Proper Battery Fluid Levels

If the fluid in the battery dries, it can ruin the battery. This happens when the acid leaks through the separators. So, you need to check the level of battery fluid once in a while and top it up when necessary. You can use distilled water for this purpose. Make sure you check the freezing point of your car battery's acid before adding any other liquid to it that contains additives or electrolytes, as these may harm your battery.

4. Manage The Battery's Usage

The best way to maintain your car battery is by managing its usage. Don't use a lot of electric accessories like the stereo, halogen lights, etc. If you need to turn on these components while starting the engine, make sure you keep the ignition off for at least 30 seconds after shutting down all electrical appliances to give it time to regain its charge.

5. Test it Often

It's important to regularly test your battery. Just like you get the oil changed in your car on a regular basis, make sure you check your battery for signs of wear and tear (such as corrosion) at least once every six months. You can also keep an eye out for any warning lights that might be flashing inside the instrument panel cluster when you turn on the ignition.

6. Drive Your Car Regularly

To keep a battery healthy, you have to use it often. However, there's no need to drive around in circles until the gas tank is drained or rev the engine as high as it will go. If you don't drive often, go for a long drive at least once a week. Drive around for an hour or two straight, then go directly home and turn off the engine until your next long trip.

7. Insulate the Battery

Extreme heat and cold can be lethal to many car parts, including the battery. The engine is typically hot, which can be damaging to an unprotected battery. On the other hand, freezing cold temperatures can reduce the battery's performance, leading to early failure. You can protect a car battery from extreme heat and cold by installing a battery insulator or an insulation wrap. A good insulator can also be used to protect a battery during bumpy transportation.

8. Check the Battery's Voltage Once Every Month

Most cars have a voltmeter installed so you can easily check the battery's charge. A healthy battery typically has around 12.7 volts or higher after it has been sitting idle for 10 minutes. The battery completely discharged would have about 12.4 volts or less.

9. Replace the Battery if it's Not Holding a Charge

Sometimes, a car battery will fail to hold its charge after many months of use and recharging. If you notice that your battery has a difficult time starting the engine even when it is fully charged, then you may need to replace it. Invest in a quality battery and you will save money in the long run.

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