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4 Deal Testers To Try Before Saying Yes To A New Car Deal!

There is a term for buying your first car without hidden hassles; it's called "Deal Testers". Now, these are crucial questions that help you cut to the chase, past the confusing salesperson's ramble, and right to a perfect first-time car-buy deal.

Deal testers help clarify the terms of your purchase, the inclusive fees, warranties, and the ownership costs you will have to bear. You should definitely test these out on your solo run to a car dealership!

1. What Are the Relevant Fees for Purchase & Documentation?

This is the "Exit the Door" question, and it's best asked after you have negotiated a suitable price on the car. With this question, you are opening the doors to additional fees requiring a tear-down inspection to determine what legitimate costs are involved. Legal fees like sales tax, tire recycling, registration & documentation are a must. The documentation cost is, in essence, the cost of you filling in the contract details, and it can range from $100 cap to $600 in unregulated states. These are standard car fees, too, so even if the fee is too high, you have better luck negotiating the car price than the documentation fee.

2. Can I Have a Listing of The Dealership-Installed Add-Ons on the car?

Most car models are shipped out with add-ons from the manufacturer, but reputable dealerships have a few of their own to add as well. Mind you, contrary to the belief that dealers add these features to maximize profits; these dealer add-ons come in very useful for the car's longevity & security. Nitrogen-filled tires, tinted windows, all-weather mats & wheel locks are the ones you should have. Another is the vehicle recovery system that is presumed standard, but it's pretty widespread and functional, so every dealership installs this. We are not saying you should avoid add-ons, but we insist you know which ones are feasible.

3. What's The Mileage on The New Car?

It sounds like an odd question for a new car, but this might help you reconsider your selection. Both on-premises & internet shoppers assume a new car ought not to have more than a measly 10miles on their odometer. In fact, some new vehicles are driven over from an affiliate dealership as a "dealer trade," which might spike up the mileage. However, if your selection is racking up 300miles on test drives alone, something is off about the model. Negotiate a lower price and be wary about the warranty coverage.

4. Does Your Dealership Offer Delivery Services?

For internet shoppers, this one wins the cake! When all the particulars have been settled, subtly drop in that it's a done deal if the dealership delivers the car to your place. Your car will arrive all washed & polished, and you can handle the dealership representative in the security of your home or office without the unnecessary sales pitch for extended warranties. If you require further extras, you can just call the dealership's finance manager and have the contract readjusted.

So, the next time a car salesperson asks you, "Do we have a deal?" with their hand extended, don't say, "Yes, we do". Instead, ask these questions, and you're well on your way to becoming an owner of a lovely Sentra!

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4 Deal Testers To Try Before Saying Yes To A New Car Deal! - Glendale Nissan

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