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Automatic Car’s ‘+’ And ‘– ‘Explained!

Do you know the plus and minus symbols on your automated gear knob? Most people don't, but they are very important. In this blog post, Glendale Nissan will explain what these symbols mean and how they can affect your driving. Stay safe on the road by learning about these symbols!

How Does an Automatic Transmission Work?

A gear knob with an automated transmission uses a computer to manage the gears. This means that the car driver does not have to shift gears, which can be a difficult and dangerous task manually. Instead, the computer will automatically select the appropriate gear for the current speed and conditions. The '+' and '– 'signs on your car's dashboard indicate the status of your vehicle's automatic transmission.

What is the Plus Sign on the Gear knob?

The '+' sign on the automated Gear knob means that the car is in 'overdrive.' This is the highest gear available and should be used when driving at high speeds on the highway, towing a heavy load, or driving in stop-and-go traffic. Using overdrive will help improve your fuel economy as it reduces the amount of work the engine has to do.

What is the Minus Sign on the Gear knob?

The '–' sign on the automated Gear knob means the car is in 'reduced gear.' This is a lower gear than normal and should be used when driving up hills, towing a heavy load, overtaking another car, or on slippery surfaces. Reducing gear will help improve your acceleration, giving the engine more power.

Paddle Shifters:

Many semi-automatic cars feature gear paddle shifters mounted on the steering column that may be used to shift up and down gears instead of the gear selection lever.

Paddle shifters are usually found in sports cars and allow the driver to manually shift gears up or down without having to take their hands off the steering wheel.

M on Automatic Transmissions:

It's also worth noting that certain automated vehicles may come with a manual mode that you may activate by putting the gear selector in the "M" position. This particular mode allows you to shift gears yourself, just like you would in a manual car. Manual mode is usually only used when driving in sporty situations such as racing or off-roading.

Driving an automatic automobile may initially seem complicated, but it's pretty easy once you get its feel.

Keep in mind to keep your foot on the brake when stopped, use your turn signal when changing lanes, and don't forget to put the car in park before exiting! With a bit of practice, you'll be driving like a pro.

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Automatic Car’s ‘+’ And ‘– ‘Explained! - Glendale Nissan

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